3QGB series three-screw pump
    • 3QGB series three-screw pump
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    Updated: 2017-05-25

    3QGB series three-screw pump is a positive displacement pump. It has the advantages of simple structure and small size, allowing stable and reliable operation at high speed, small pressure pulsation, stable flow, low noise and high efficiency. It is the principle of screw engagement. The rotating screw is engaged with each other in the pump sleeve, and the medium to be conveyed is enclosed in the meshing cavity, and is continuously pushed to the discharge port continuously along the screw to provide stable pressure to the system.

    The three-screw pump is suitable for inputting various non-corrosive oils and oil-like liquids. The viscosity of the transport liquid is generally 3.0~760mm2/s. High-viscosity media can be transported by heating and viscosity-reducing, and the temperature generally does not exceed 350 °C.

    The 3QGB series three-screw pump is made of cast steel. It has two kinds of insulation and no insulation. It is recommended to use a screw pump with a high-temperature structure.

    Three-screw pumps are widely used in petroleum, chemical fiber, metallurgy, machinery, electric power, machine tools, ships, glass, highways and other industries.

    The three-screw pump is suitable for conveying lubricating oils such as fuel oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, pump oil, asphalt, and other similar oils.

    The pump has good sealing performance and adopts mechanical seal. According to the different media of the user, the mechanical seal friction parts are made of different materials. For high viscosity medium, the hard alloy material with high mechanical strength and good wear resistance is selected to ensure the high temperature. Sealing performance.

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