WD-340 high temperature heat transfer oil
    • WD-340 high temperature heat transfer oil
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    Updated: 2017-05-27

    1. Non-toxic, odorless and environmentally friendly. 2, moderate viscosity, not easy to coke, good heat conduction, high thermal efficiency. 3. High flash point, high distillation range, low freezing point and safe use. 4. It can save electricity, save fuel and be non-corrosive to equipment when used. 5, fast heating, high temperature, good thermal stability, long service life, low village operation, safe and reliable, easy to operate. WD series of synthetic heat transfer oils have been widely used in the industrial field, such as: chemical industry, printing and dyeing industry, petroleum industry, CCL industry, chemical fiber industry, coating resin industry.

    WD-340 high temperature heat transfer oil

    Appearance: light brown transparent

    Density (20 ° C) g / cm3: 0.84-0.88

    Kinematic viscosity (40 °C), mm2 / s: ≤ 40

    Flash point (opening) °C ≥: 210

    Distillation range (2% v/v) °C ≥: 360

    Freezing point °C ≤:-10

    Acid value mgkoH/g ≤:0.05

    Moisture (v/v)% ≤:0.02

    Carbon residue (Kang)% ≤:0.05

    Water soluble acid and alkali: none

    Ash % ≤: 0.02

    Copper corrosion(100℃ ~200℃ )*10^-4:6.26~6.91

    Specific heatKJ/kg、℃ :2.40(100℃) 2.82(200℃)

    Thermal conductivity series KJ/M、hr、℃ :0.474(100℃) 0.448(200℃)

    Plant Coefficient(20℃):230.364

    Maximum operating temperature ℃ :300

    Allowable maximum film temperature℃: 340

    The Wulin brand WD-type energy-saving heat-conducting oil produced by our company was jointly developed and produced under the direct guidance of the Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry and the Hangzhou Refinery of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. For a long time, it matches surrounding area heating furnace companies such as Changzhou Comprehensive Research Furnace Co., Ltd., Changzhou Energy Equipment General Co., Ltd., Changzhou Boiler Equipment Co., Ltd., Changzhou Boiler Co., Ltd., Changzhou Changcheng Thermal Equipment Co., Ltd., Wuqiao County Heat Transfer Oil Furnace Co., Ltd., Dazhen Boiler Industrial (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. is a supporting heating furnace company in surrounding areas such as Wuxi. It is widely used in chemical, petroleum, textile, printing and dyeing, wood, chemical fiber, food, plastics and asphalt processing, and has achieved ideal energy-saving effects, mading an outstanding contribution to energy conservation.

    The heat transfer oil is processed and refined based on the high quality white oil of Dalian Refinery. The production process is special, the quality is stable, the performance is excellent, and the energy can be effectively saved. The product quality has reached the advanced level of domestic similar products, and abroad (UK Tyanscdl) -bs, US ESSO500, Japan comprehensive research Neosk-600, etc.) Similar products can replace imported products.

    In the past 90 years, through expert organization and technical appraisal, it has won the trust and praise of the majority of users.

    WD series synthetic heat transfer oil is a synthetic heat transfer oil that can be used in the temperature range of -25℃ ~ 315℃. It has the following important characteristics.

    Long life:

    WD series synthetic heat transfer oil is produced from imported heavy alkyl benzene raw materials. It is equivalent to Suzhou Solutia T55 synthetic heat transfer oil. It is a synthetic heat transfer oil that can be used at 300℃ for a long time after strict thermal stability test. It can even cope with the short-term use temperature as high as 315℃. Long service life, no need to replace

    Oxidation resistance:

    WD series synthetic heat transfer oil’s antioxidant performance is 10 times higher than that of mineral oil, so compared with mineral oil, WD series synthetic heat transfer oil is not easy to produce sludge due to oxidation; this feature for users who do not use nitrogen to seal the expansion tank especially important.

    Good low temperature pumpability:

    WD series synthetic heat transfer oil can be transported by centrifugal pump even at low temperature of -25℃, and mineral oil will become jelly like this at this temperature.In fact, most mineral oils can no longer be transported by centrifugal pumps at - 10 C, so systems that use the WD Series Synthetic Heat Transfer Oil are more convenient and quicker to start in cold conditions.


    No irritating odor, no adverse effects on personnel.

    Application range

    WD series of synthetic heat transfer oils have been widely used in the industrial field, such as: chemical industry, printing and dyeing industry, petroleum industry, copper clad plate industry, chemical fiber industry, coating resin industry.

    WD series high temperature heat transfer oil use precautions

    1. According to the requirements of the thermal process, select the correct and appropriate grade of energy-saving heat-conducting oil, and strictly abide by the provisions of the Ministry of Chemical Industry "Safety Technical Regulations for Heating Heaters" and use the heat-conducting oil correctly. This product is flammable and not a flame retardant oil. It must be prevented from burning.

    2. Should be carefully checked during use, and prevent strict waterproof, acid, alkali and low-boiling substances from leaking into the use of the system, and add a filter device to prevent mechanical debris from entering, to ensure the purity of the oil.

    3. High-temperature heat-conducting oil is widely used as heat carrier for heating equipment such as coal, gas, oil heating furnace and electric heating reactor. When in use, the heating system should have expansion tank, oil storage tank, other safety components, temperature control instruments and other supporting facilities to ensure safe operation. In operation, it should be ensured that the oil temperature of expansion tank is below 70 C, and when the oil level in tank is low, the oil injection pump should be started to make up for it.

    4. When the old heating and heating equipment are used to replace the new oil, it is necessary to carry out effective cleaning to remove the inner wall debris so as not to affect the heat transfer efficiency and service life of the heat transfer oil in the system.

    5. The heat transfer oil is put into use. When the start of operation, the circulating oil pump is started for several hours to conduct a comprehensive safety check on the whole system. After confirming that everything is normal and no leakage, the ignition is warmed up. In the initial use, the temperature should be slowly increased by about 20℃ per hour. The temperature rise operation should follow the principle of “one-slow and two-stop”: the temperature rise should be slow, and the temperature should be stopped at 95℃~110℃ and 210℃~230℃. After the temperature is raised and maintained for a period of time, the temperature can be further increased until the volatile substances in the heat transfer oil are exhausted and then put into normal use.

    6. After using the high temperature heat transfer oil for half a year, an oil analysis should be carried out. In the course of use, if the heat transfer effect is found to be poor, or other normal conditions, etc., oil analysis should be carried out immediately (main control item, residual carbon is not more than 1.5%, acid value is not 0.5mgKOH/g, flash point change is not bigger than 20% and the viscosity changes little to 15%.) If one of the items fails, consider adding some heat transfer oil or replacing it with new oil.

    7. It is strictly forbidden to use ultra-high temperature during operation to ensure the normal service life of heat transfer oil. According to the safety management rules of the heat transfer oil furnace, the oil temperature at the outlet of the oil furnace shall not exceed the maximum use temperature of the heat transfer oil (generally less than 30℃ ~ 50℃).

    8. The user must strictly follow the above precautions for safe operation.

    WD series high temperature heat transfer oil after-sale service

    Wulin brand WD series high temperature heat transfer oil is supplied with various types of heat carrier heating furnaces produced by various boiler factories, and can also be supplied separately. If you need special specifications of heat transfer oil, you can contact our factory. Users need to order various types of heat carrier furnaces. Our factory can introduce and provide information for you, from equipment installation to commissioning service, to ensure users smoothly put into normal production and run. Anyone who purchases the products of the factory can contact the person according to the requirements of the user. I guarantee the supply, delivery on time, and consignment. At the same time, we provide technical information and consultations, as well as on-site guidance and other services.

    In order to be responsible to the user, the use of our products can help to detect oil samples, provide free analysis of heat transfer oil samples, provide solutions for abnormal system conditions, solve problems and ensure long-term safe use. If users need to add or replace new oil, system tubing cleaning service is also available.

    The heat-conducting oil of our factory is packed in iron drums. The net weight of each barrel is 170kg. The packaging barrel can be negotiated by the purchaser if it is exchanged or returned. If there is no damage, only the cleaning fee will be paid. If the customer has his packaging requirements, the factory can try to meet.

    WD series high temperature heat transfer oil application field

    Chemical industry: polymerization, condensation, distillation, rectification, concentration, evaporation, melting

    Oil industry: decomposition, debromination, fatty acid distillation, hydrogenation, esterification

    Petrochemical industry: synthesis, distillation, rectification, heating, insulation

    Air conditioning industry: radiant heating

    Fiber industry: polymerization, melt spinning, thermosetting, molding, stretching, drying

    Coating industry: baking, vehicle, aircraft, thermoforming, high temperature bonding, drying

    Dye industry: dyes, intermediates

    Food industry: food baking, drying

    Construction industry: asphalt melting insulation, waterproof material, linoleum, gypsum board

    Paper printing: corrugated processing, paper drying, insulation

    Plastics and rubber industry: hot pressing, calendering, extrusion, vulcanization molding, artificial leather processing, etc.

    Textile, printing and dyeing industry: heat setting, drying, baking, dyeing

    Wood industry: plywood, medium density, high density, reinforced flooring, hot pressing, drying of solid wood

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