WNB series high viscosity insulation pump
    • WNB series high viscosity insulation pump
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    Updated: 2018-07-04

    The pump is suitable for conveying high and low temperature viscous liquids, dilute and thick suspension liquids, and emulsion liquids. The insulation jacket has the function of heat preservation and heating.

    The pump is designed to transport bitumen, heavy oil, crude oil, coal tar, soap liquids and other viscous liquids that are difficult to control with time.

    The pump has reasonable design, simple structure and convenient use and maintenance, and belongs to a passenger volume internal tooth rotor pump. The positive displacement rotor and the closed wheel combination are used in the pump, which makes the pump have the advantages of large conveying volume, stable flow, low noise, small internal leakage, good sealing performance and compact structure. The pump further improves the new tooth profile and increases volumetric efficiency. The heating structure of the shaft seal part is added to solve the problem that the pump is restarted after the normal operation and shutdown, and the starting torque of the motor is increased due to the solidification of the asphalt, so that the surface of the shaft seal is easily damaged. Therefore, the newly added shaft seal part heating structure, before starting the machine and the other parts of the pump body to open the valve heating, the shaft seal heating valve should be closed after normal operation. It can extend the service life of the shaft seal and make the pump work normally.

    Model Description

    WNB: 500/0.8 WNB: Our high viscosity insulation pump code

    500: pump flow rate (L/min) 0.8: pump outlet pressure (Mpa)

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