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    Updated: 2017-05-25

    2CY (KCB) gear type oil pump (hereinafter referred to as oil pump) is used to transport various oil media with lubricity, temperature not higher than 120 ° C and viscosity below 74 * 10 m / s. Not suitable for transporting highly volatile or low-volume liquids containing hard particles or fibers (except for modified pumps)

    First, the working principle:

    When the motor drives the oil pump gear to rotate, the mail is disengaged from the pair of gears, so that the volume of the suction body of the pump body gradually increases, and the atmospheric pressure of the partial vacuum oil forms the oil pipe and the pump body to enter the oil suction chamber. The oil entering the oil suction chamber enters the oil discharge chamber along the gear body in the sealed working raft, and the volume of the cavity is gradually reduced due to the meshing of the teeth between the teeth filled with oil in the oil discharge chamber, and the volume between the teeth is gradually reduced. The oil is squeezed out to form oil pressure under the action of external load. As the gear rotates continuously, the oil pump continuously sucks and drains oil.

    Second, the structure:

    1. The oil pump is a horizontal rotary pump. It mainly consists of pump body, front and rear cover, main driven gear, safety valve body, bearing, bearing seat and sealing device. The specific structure is shown in the attached drawing.

    2. The pump body, front and rear cover and bearing seat are gray cast parts. The gears are made of high quality carbon steel. They can also be made of copper or stainless steel according to the special needs of users.

    3, 2CY1.1-5 type oil pump bearing housing is equipped with axial seal, using three oil-resistant rubber ring and a ring of rubber ring seal, adjust the two bolts on the compression cover to adjust the tightness of the seal, The sliding bearing is powder metallurgy. The back cover of 2CY12-60 oil pump is equipped with mechanical seal. The bearing adopts single row radial ball bearing or cylindrical roller bearing, which is automatically lubricated by the delivered oil.

    4. The pump body is equipped with a safety valve. When the oil discharge pipe valve is closed or the oil circuit system is faulty, and the oil pressure exceeds the discharge pressure of the pump, the safety valve is automatically opened to return some or all of the oil to the oil chamber. Pumps and pipes provide safety protection.

    5. The oil pump can be connected to the motor with a flexible coupling and mounted on a common base plate.

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