WRY series hot oil pump
    • WRY series hot oil pump
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    Updated: 2018-07-04

    Changzhou Wulin Hot Oil Pump Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of energy-saving products-WRY series hot oil pumps for organic heat-generating furnaces. It can also design and manufacture various types of professional pumps for users. The factory has strong technical force, advanced technology and equipment, complete testing means, excellent product performance, and is sold well all over the country. Wulin brand WRY series hot oil pump is developed by taking advantage of all kinds of advanced hot oil circulating pumps at home and abroad. The pump has reasonable structure, advanced technology, high efficiency, small volume, reliable operation, no leakage, no additional cooling system. And so on, is an ideal heat carrier medium circulation pump.


    Wulin brand WRY series hot oil pump has been widely used in China's heating medium heating system. It has entered various industrial fields such as petrochemical, oil, plastic, rubber, textile, printing and dyeing, synthetic fiber, road construction, etc. Weakly corrosive high-temperature liquid without solid particles, the use temperature is ≤350 °C, or according to the needs of users, the over-current parts can be made of different materials to transport liquids with corrosive or other special properties.

    Model Description:

    WRY 100-65-250

    WRY - waterless cooling hot oil pump 100 - pump inlet diameter 65 - pump outlet diameter 250 - impeller nominal diameter


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