LSS (Vertical Condensing Steam Boiler)
LSS (Vertical Condensing Steam Boiler)
    • LSS (Vertical Condensing Steam Boiler)
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    Vertical Condensing Steam Boiler

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    Vertical Condensing Steam Boiler Product Description

    OLYMSPAN focus on developing small,smart boiler for many years. And this kind of condensing boiler is developed by OLYMSPAN and Shanghai Industrial Boiler Research Institute and it adopts international advanced condensing technology and patents. It’s also the first vertical natural circulation condensing boiler in China which has features of fast steam output, taking less space,high efficiency and so on. It has been accepted by the market and has been widely used in many industries like hospital and so on.

    Vertical Condensing Steam Boiler Parameters


    Vertical Condensing Steam Boiler Workmanship Features

    The boiler proper adopts unique ω smoke circulation . Its steam-water separator is patented. Plate will be welded automatically by robots and the product will be produced by assembly line. An air-preheater and fin tube condensing surface are put at end of the boiler. Also, it adopts unique bigeminal water level to precisely control.

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