Vulcanizing autoclave
    • Vulcanizing autoclave
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    Design: The design pressure: 2.0Mpa; the design temperature: 214 degrees; the respective inner diameters: D700mm, D900mm, D1200mm; the medium: steam; the effective depth of the tank: 1000mm.

    The autoclave body is designed, manufactured, tested and accepted in accordance with GB150 “Steel Pressure Vessel” and “Pressure Vessel Safety Technology Supervision Regulations”. After the equipment is completed, random information on the pressure vessel should be provided. The body shall be insulated which can keep surface temperature no more than 60 ℃ (the ambient temperature is no more than 30 ℃). The surface of the insulation layer was coated with a 0.5 mm aluminum plate.

    Hydraulic system: The operation of the lid, the lock lid, etc., is completed by the hydraulic system. The hydraulic system includes associated control valves, hydraulic operated check valves, oil cylinders, etc., excluding oil pumps. The hydraulic system design should meet the driving force and speed requirements. The main hydraulic components are imported products, and the accessories are made of domestic high-quality components.

    Compressed air system: The main function of the compressed air system is to provide the power of the pneumatic control valve and the pneumatic shut-off valve. The steam source is depressurized by a set of devices with functions of filtration, decompression and purification. The pipe connection is made of copper tube.

    Steam piping system: The steam piping system is designed and equipped according to the drawings provided by the manufacturer. Pneumatic film adjustment adopts imported company brand, pneumatic cutting valve adopts imported company's products, and other valves adopt domestically produced high quality valves. The piping layout should be reasonable, beautiful, and conducive to operation and maintenance. The pipeline connection should be reliable and there should be no draining dripping or leaking.

    Vacuum system: used to control the vacuum of the inner autoclave.

    Control system: semi-automatic or fully automatic control system, including temperature control, pressure control etc..


    1, The whole system consist of five parts: hydraulic, air compress, vacuum, steam, automatic control

    2, Triple interlock protection to keep absolutely safe

    3, 100% X-ray flaw detection guarantee product quality

    4, Fully automated control, precise temperature control pressure, energy saving

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